The Studio & Production

Sustainable design & production

Our studio is situated in the heart of Saint Gilles in Brussels and it is here that we design, sample and handweave all of our fabrics.

The design process starts with a moodboard depicting ideas for the pattern, texture and palette for the collection. From this we use graph paper to sketch designs and initial ideas for weave structures. The design development continues on the loom, where we sample ideas using a variety of yarn, colour and pattern. For the current handwoven collection we have used an extra weft weaving technique which enables us to create vibrant surface pattern and depth to each fabric.

Each design is carefully handwoven on a 24 shaft dobby loom. The loom can take 2-3 days to set up before we can start weaving. The fabric is then handwashed, lightly felted and cut and crafted into cushions.

All our products are made from 100% Wool

Our fabrics are all made from British-sourced Merino wool. We insist on a high quality and sustainable cushion filling, opting only for 100% Dorset Horn British Wool. On top of this, we only use wool from a non-mulsed source.

During both design and production, Pamela considers the environmental impact of her manufacturing and strives to foster a zero-waste brand. Many fabric and yarn cuts are woven back into designs for the collection and, when they are not, they can be seen as rugs in her daughter’s favourite dolls’ house.


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