Pamela Print, Artist and Weaver

“Weaving for me is more than a craft, it is a meditation, an act of kindness, a fascinating contradiction. I embrace, simultaneously, slowness and spontaneity, order and freedom”. 


I employ time and artistry. Threading a loom can take days. Precious space to let my material speak to me and to visualise different colour blends. I very often start with a plan, but then allow spontaneity to play its magical part. What results is a living piece of cloth, with energy and texture and colour. Work with heart and life and soul.

Fourteen years in the fashion textile industry taught me valuable lessons. I now weave art pieces and homewares with the utmost care and the lightest ecological footprint. I choose my materials wisely, sourcing ethically, with a focus on wool and linen which are less harmful to the environment. I repurpose industry yarn remnants, and in a new departure I am experimenting with natural dyes to lessen further my impact on the earth. I aim for a “no-waste” approach, utilising where I can every fragment of fabric I make.